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Electrical Engineering Projects

At Montrel we respond to the demands of the industrial sector when it comes to providing efficient, safe and highly technical-guaranteed electrical engineering installations.
We carry out the design and execution of all types of electrical, electromechanical and energy installations in low, medium and high voltage; in addition to being specialists in special installations for explosive atmospheres (ATEX). More information HERE

Industrial Systems Projects

We offer cutting-edge analysis, design, programming and development services in information systems engineering, data processing center facilities and local networks. In addition, we have dynamic preventive, corrective and adaptive in software and hardware. More information HERE

LNG projects

We have established ourselves as benchmarks in the execution of EPC projects for cryogenic tank loading in LNG plants and their management and control systems.
Currently, we occupy 100% of the market in Spain (our management and control system is implemented in all plants in Spain), Peru, Chile and Puerto Rico . More information HERE.

Manufacturing Projects

We have a group of qualified professionals for the design and manufacture of equipment and industrial electrical panels to work in Low Voltage (LV), always adapted to the needs of our clients. More information HERE.

I + D + i projects

We are characterized by maintaining a constant commitment to the continuous improvement of our solutions and having a DNA with a high innovative component.
In our endeavor to be a benchmark in each of the areas that make up our business model, we have an R&D division that has allowed us to implement an executive technique sufficiently developed in different areas of operation. More information HERE.