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Oil & Gas
Electric engineering

Montrel, a benchmark in
engineering, electricity and instrumentation

At Montrel we respond to the demands of the industrial sector when it comes to providing efficient and safe electrical engineering facilities with a high technical guarantee. We carry out the design and execution of all types of electrical, electromechanical and energy installations in low, medium and high voltage; in addition to being specialists in special installations for explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

Engineering, design and
Comprehensive management of
innovative projects

Our offer of specialized professional services with complete and / or multidisciplinary solutions in electrical engineering is based on the widest experience of our team, advanced technology, innovation, capacity and our own know-how. In this way, we develop reliable, durable and competitive projects with a permanent commitment to total quality, personalized attention and flexibility.

Our services in electrical engineering include:

  • Basic and detailed engineering .
  • Electricity and Instrumentation .
  • All types of electrical installations in low, medium and high voltage.
  • Electromechanical installations for factories and industrial plants.
  • Transformer substations in medium and high voltage.
  • Transformation centers in all forms and powers.
  • Overhead lines and distribution networks in low, medium and high voltage.
  • Electric power generation with generator sets.
  • Cogeneration and Biomass Plants .
  • Biodiesel and Bioethane production plants l.
  • Hydraulic installations and water economy engineering.
  • Automation and Technical Management Systems for electrical installations for hotels, hospitals and functional buildings.
  • Automated integrated control for singular, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Installations of Domotic Systems . Digital homes.
  • General lighting , road, monumental, industrial and sports.
  • Firefighting systems , detection, extinction and maintenance.
  • Special installations for potentially explosive atmospheres .
  • Measurement, control and regulation systems for processes.
  • Electronic equipment for industry.
  • Environmental Engineering . Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Energy.
  • Consulting and process development , planning, commissioning, training of customer personnel and technical assistance.
  • Equipment maintenance , control systems and industrial IT.
  • Industry 4.0. Design and Implementation with new technologies for the digital economy and IIoT .
  • Fire control systems . Personalized, dynamic and corporate information systems with integrated solutions in real time.

Electrical engineering and
Private security

At Montrel we cover all those activities related to the installation and maintenance of equipment, devices and security systems in industrial plants.

We provide a highly personalized and fully adapted service to the needs of the project. Our entire team in the electrical engineering and private security area acquires a strong commitment to the important task of safeguarding the complete integrity of designated infrastructures. Our main references in this division are the CLH terminals in Spain or Repsol's La Pampilla refinery in Peru.

Planning, advice on personalized security installations.

Technical consultancy.

Design, manufacture and installation of special cabinets and consoles for control centers.

Own software for detection, anti-intrusion, CCTV and digital recording.

Perimeter security, video surveillance, monitoring and control of cameras.

Design, manufacture and installation of special cabinets and consoles for control centers.


Electric engineering

Instrumentation and
industrial automation

As experts in electrical engineering , at Montrel we carry out the entire process of instrumentation and process control necessary for projects in the Oil & Gas sector. This is our line of activity which, thanks to deep knowledge and specialization , allows us to achieve the most global and comprehensive solutions on the market for customers who trust Montrel. We are leaders in cryogenic liquefied natural gas (LNG) loading at a national and international level, with unbeatable references. In addition, we design and install pneumatic, electrical and electronic instrumentation for oil plants and other uses. We also provide measurement, control and regulation systems for electronic equipment and processes manufactured in our workshops for the Oil & Gas industry.