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Loading process
control systems

At Montrel, we develop custom process control systems with integrated real-time solutions at all levels of industrial IT companies. We offer the following services:

Analysis, design, programming and state-of-the-art in-house developments in information systems engineering, in addition to dynamic preventive, corrective and adaptive maintenance in software and hardware. Industrial IT engineering, programming and design; Data Processing Centre and local network installations.

complex systems

We provide the client with advanced and custom complex systems of complete automation on different platforms in real time and at all business levels for control, visualization, communications, measurement and management through the use of computers (PC) and/or programmable logic controllers (PLC).

New Control System for
fuel and chemical loading for Tepsa

Tepsa is a pioneering company in receiving, storing and re-dispatching bulk liquids, currently 100% owned by the French group Petrofrance. It currently has 900,000 m3 destined for oil, chemical, biofuel and food products, distributed in four terminals: Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia and Bilbao.

Control system for fuel and chemical loading. Real-time visualization of the loading processes. Montrel is implementing control software to improve loading and to visualize these processes in real time.