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One of Montrel's main clients for several decades now has been Exolum, formerly known as Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos (CLH). In Montrel we are proud to have been a key supplier in making Exolum one of the most sophisticated and automated fuel logistics operators in the world.


Plants we have worked on

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Exolum Milestones

Among the highlights of Montrel's projects for Exolum, we would like to highlight the following:

In the Rota-Zaragoza Oil Pipeline, this was key to the subsequent development of the largest automated oil pipeline network in Europe, where we were involved in both the construction and automation.

Total automation of the storage facilities (tank levels, motorized valves, access control and identification and treatment of effluents). Improvements transferred to all Exolum plants.

Integration of the first PLCs, changing the existing wired logic. Led to the automation of all plants.

Design and execution of the new storage plant in Vizcaya,
Design and execution of the new storage plant in Vizcaya, the first with the new loading system with local microcomputers in Accuload bay, which allowed the loading of 4 arms, two of them equipped with FAME or ethanol blending, also integrating new remote pumps and pipeline.

This design was extended to all of Exolum’s plants, remodelling the existing facilities to adapt to it or carrying it out in the new plants that have been built since then.

Construction of the first outdoor lighting facilities with LEDs in the Almodóvar del Campo and Salamanca plants and Murcia airport. Lighting that is intended to be used in the rest of Exolum’s plants in the future.

The first automatic truck loading systems were installed in various Exolum plants, when it was still top loading. Change from top to bottom loading, and automation of bottom loading, gaining safety and operability y en operatividad

The first to make this significant modification in the Seville plant, which would lead to the remodelling to bottom loading of all Exolum’s plants for light products.

Control systems for
Exolum aviation

For several years now, Montrel has offered Exolum Aviation a system whose function is the automated control of truck (or refuelling units) loading for aircraft fuel supply. The operator, in this case Exolum, can monitor and manage the entire system from an easy three-dimensional visual environment through simple and intuitive operations.

The visual work environment with icons, figures and 3D synoptics, promotes the understanding of all the information and functions that the system offers to the user, resulting in a user-friendly tool.

The functions performed by the Automatic Control System, depending on the configuration, can range from administrative tasks to process control tasks. from administrative tasks to process control tasks.

  • Consulting and technical advice.
  • Special custom designs.
  • Basic and detailed engineering.
  • Certified manufacturing in in-house plants.
  • Installation and implementation.
  • Training, maintenance and technical support.

There is not the same configuration in each airport that Exolum operates, however, this specification sdescribes and specifies the general aspects of the system.

The system has a remote maintenance service, a service that enables a telephone connection with Montrel offices from where files, data and applications can be transferred to correct or modify functions. Maintenance will even allow the remote operation of applications to solve or debug any system behaviour that is unknown to Control Room staff.

The resources and permissions required to establish and maintain the connection are specific to Exolum,as are the maintenance and backup tasks.