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Montrel has developed an electronic truck sealing system to ensure safe fuel distribution.

About the
sealing system

El The Montrel Industrial Group continues its firm commitment to R&D&I in the oil & gas sector with the innovative Sealing System. This system aims to efficiently resolve associated incidents and/or fuel contamination during transportation, with operational safety, avoiding theft and with no environmental risk.

Montrel's commitment to the global automation of fuel distribution processes and other oil products is proving to be a success. This can be seen in both the Sealing System and our SIMAC-TGD patents, for unattended unloading at Cepsa service stations; and SIMAC-ICOMPP, which allows automatic identification of truck compartments and is already equipped on more than 4,000 in the Iberian Peninsula.

The Sealing System electronically seals the truck, from loading the product at the plant of origin until it reaches its final destination (normally a service station), where it is controlled to ensure all compartments arrive sealed. Furthermore, it allows the user to locally control the status of each truck (empty, full, sealed, unsealed and faulty), as well as any incident during transportation and subsequent storage.

The truck is monitored via GPS during the entire journey, and the system sends status information telematically to the Carrier's Control Centre, which in turn informs the Product Operator of any incidents that may occur during the journey.

The hardware and software platform used by Montrel is fully modular, flexible and combines high-performance technology that fully complies with international standards for the transportation, safety and operation of products with a risk of fire and/or explosion in accordance with ATEX regulations.

The Sealing System is a clear example of design and engineering applied to our clients' procedures for complete truck control. It is already installed and in operation in CEPSA's fleet, with around 250 vehicles operating in Spain and Portugal. A milestone achieved by very few companies,both nationally and internationally, and which reflects the ability of Montrel to offer customized and highly efficient services to leading clients in their respective sectors.