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The Montrel Industrial Group continues to demonstrate its strong commitment to R+D+ i with the development and implementation of the
GAVPlus System

Created at the request of Cepsa, as a new project resulting from a long joint history of collaboration, and especially in Loading Systems and Product Delivery.

The objective of this new project between Cepsa and Montrel is the evolution and replacement of the old Aviation Management System, with a new modular System developed with cutting-edge architecture and technology, compatible with the current Truck Loading Center Management System of Cepsa G3C, developed a few years ago by Montrel, and currently operating in more than 90 facilities in Spain and Portugal.


Has the purpose of Integrated Aviation Management, including operations of fuel supply or provisioning to Aircraft (Intoplane), storage management and Stock Control of Products at airports and in other dedicated external infrastructures, with real data capture of the Measurement Systems of Tank Levels and Control System for Truck Loading / Unloading. In addition, it carries out the management and generation of Documentation and Reports on airport operations; Activity and evolution graphs, Information Exchange with TSA Aircraft Supply Terminals on the runway, as well as Cepsa Systems, Aircraft Companies, Product Operators and airport entities (AENA). It also manages tax obligations with the Tax Agency, making automatic online declarations to the AEAT of the supplies made.

Given the high degree of implementation in different types of refineries and storage plants, our systems for Cepsa include all aspects of loading liquid fuels, LPG, asphalts, petrochemicals and lubricants:


GAVPlus not only replaces the old system in some aspects, but also modifies the concept of conventional application, becoming a tool that anticipates and assists managers, alerting the different situations of the Facilities, supplying tasks and eliminating administrative labours of Little additional value.

It offers ad hoc reports to know the evolution of the activity in a graphical way on the screen, providing different analysis. It has an active control panel that always highlights the activity of the Facility, without the need for any action by the user.

The new GAVPlus system is developed in a safe, reliable Web Environment, adaptable to all devices and adjustable to each Airport Facility, so that depending on the specific activity carried out by each of them, one or the other operations can be carried out. GAVPlus is developed in current technology, in a Web environment avoiding in this way having to install specific products and with an adaptable or responsive interface that allows its use from any device.

GAVPlus collects from AENA the information on Daily Flights and Monthly Flights in order to ensure supply to aircraft on the runway, as well as to be the basis for planning the necessary equipment and its adaptation to incoming activity.

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gav_panel de control

GAVPlus is connected to the ERP Cepsa (SAP), a system with which it exchanges registered information almost instantaneously and from where it collects data necessary for the activity such as supply authorizations, contracts, master data, credit cards, airlines, customers, product prices, etc.

GAVPlus exchanges with AEAT in an automated way the information of the aircraft refuellings that are carried out, as well as the incomes and movements of product by Facility. It has tools that facilitate these procedures eliminating administrative tasks.

GAVPlus is a secure system as it is using the identification of Cepsa Network, with users who are assigned to different roles within the application to adapt to their specific profile, thus facilitating the use of a tool “adapted” to each person.

Additional benefits, Dashboard and Alerts, as well as dynamic Evolution Charts

Among the additional benefits by the new GAVPlus System, a Control Panel stands out. It allows a quick and friendly display of the most important indicators in the operation, as well as alerts to take into account. In addition, different types of dynamic Evolution Charts of supplies made and product consumption are included.