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LNG Truck Loading Facility
in Puerto Rico

EcoEléctrica is the first independent generator in the world to combine an LNG import terminal with a power plant , combining an LNG-based power plant and a seawater desalination plant. It is a less polluting thermal power plant in Puerto Rico. It belongs to a consortium between Naturgy, Engie, Mitsui and GE.

Skid and
software supply

Montrel supplies the loading skid and the management and control software for the LNG truck loading facility in Puerto Rico, the first country in the Caribbean with a plant of this kind. Its function is to supply LNG to the whole island.

Puerto Rico's new energy policy aimed to reduce the island's dependence on oil, paving the way for cleaner fuels such as natural gas, recognizing the long-term need to evaluate, develop and commercialize renewable energy.

In this project, unique in Puerto Rico, we designed the computer engineering and carried out the instrumentation and mechanical supply for the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) truck loading facility on a weighbridge, with automatic weighing control. (Puerto Rico).

It includes the basic and detailed engineering of the loading facility and the complete supply of 2 Skids with piping, valves and measurement and control equipment, as well as general automation of the loading system, process control, safety interlock system, management system and generation of administrative documentation.

terminal that allows LNG carriers of up to 140,000 cubic metres; that is stored in a cryogenic tank with a capacity of 160,000 cubic metres, which makes it the only plant of its kind in Puerto Rico.

With the commissioning of the LNG truck loading facility in 2015, Puerto Rico has ensured the supply of gas to any area of the island.

Currently the power plant also has the capacity to produce 540 megawatts of energy, producing about 15% of the electricity generated in Puerto Rico.