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The company

Montrel, comprehensive management of
engineering projects

With more than 58 years of experience , at Montrel we have become a benchmark company for carrying out engineering projects. In other words, we are currently among the main industrial engineering companies in Spain that carry out their activities in the Oil & Gas sector, the field of electrical engineering, information technology and applied engineering. Likewise, we integrate a specialist area in R + D + i to carry out developments and added proposals of high innovation.

Montrel's team works to offer engineering projects that involve global, efficient, safe, guarantee and constantly evolving solutions . In addition, we accompany our clients in all projects and provide completely personalized support. Our goal is that a client can achieve the best result , with the maximum efficiency in time and resources.

We work with the best equipment on the market and we have included state-of-the-art technologies for 4.0 industries in any sector: Oil & Gas industry, electricity or energy production plants, among others. We have a team of more than 100 highly qualified professionals , made up mostly of industrial and computer engineers.

For Montrel, human capital is the most precious resource , and that is why we are committed to professionals who are experts in their field of work and have a solid and extensive experience in the sector. In this way, the team that makes up Montrel is key in each of the engineering projects we carry out today.

around the world

Since 1996, we are in the continuous process of expansion and internationalization . Since then, we have worked regularly in Latin America (Peru, Chile, Mexico and Puerto Rico), Europe (France, Germany or Greece), Africa (Morocco) and Asia (Qatar).

We have made a firm commitment to Peru, where we have a subsidiary called Montrel Andina , to serve our local clients more directly and expand our activity in other markets in the region. In parallel, Montrel has inaugurated a commercial delegation in Morocco , a key and strategic country to position itself in the African market.

We lead the Spanish market, in addition to the Portuguese one, in management and control systems for hydrocarbon cargo terminals (light fuels, fuel, LPG ...). In the same way, we have established ourselves as the only national integrator of automation systems for cryogenic loading in LNG regasification and liquefaction plants.

On the other hand, we highlight having developed and executed the EPC projects of all the LNG tanker loading bays in Spain. These terminals are operated by companies such as Enagás, Reganosa or Bahía Bizkaia Gas (BBG) .

At international level , at Montrel we have established ourselves as a leading engineering company, especially applied to projects in the Oil & Gas sector.

History and excellence in all of our
engineering projects

During our 56 years of history, at Montrel we have achieved important milestones that have marked our career and professional success in electrical engineering projects and industrial systems around the world. In conclusion, we are proud to have been pioneers in the application of great technological solutions , especially with projects of great international recognition.