We offer analysis, design, programming services and in-house cutting-edge developments in information systems engineering, data processing centres and local networks. We also offer dynamic preventive, corrective and adaptive maintenance service in software and hardware. At Montrel, we have been working since 1988 with complex advanced and customized complete automation systems on different platforms in real time and at all business levels for: control, visualization, communications, measurement and management through computers (PC) and/or programmable logic controllers (PLC). We have more than 20 specialized technicians to facilitate our computer engineering services; dedicated full time to this type of business.

These technicians cover all the needs of Computer Control Systems and manage administrative tasks, automatic load control, process resource management (tanks, valves, additives, effluents, DCI, etc.) interfaces with other Systems (modbus, OPC, IEE protocols, client protocols, etc.), accounting, tax declarations, etc. This diversity allows us to face any control project for loading facilities and terminals without the need to outsource or pass over duties to third parties. We have carried out a large number of installations in Spain and Portugal as well as in Latin America, with a large variety of scopes and hardware, among which we use equipment from Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley, Yokogawa, ABB and others.


Industrial systems

Industrial systems in
the oil & gas sector

At Montrel, we use engineering leaders in the oil & gas sector, primarily loading facilities for both conventional fuels and LNG and liquefied gases. Over 70% of our business comes from the oil and natural gas sector, an area in which we have heavily invested in resources and R&D&I. Our solutions feature cutting-edge and innovative technology in the sector, coupled with a robust value chain for automated oil product storage and loading/unloading terminals at any level. These plants supply 100% of LNG in trucks throughout Spain and account for 50% of the total distributed in Europe, Spain being a pioneer in this type of installation.

Among our major projects is the first natural gas truck loading terminal in South America, specifically the GNL Quintero plant in Chile, which supplies LNG to the central area of the country. Similarly, in Puerto Rico (the first LNG terminal in the Caribbean) and in Peru for Pampa Melchorita, the first LNG liquefaction terminal in the entire South American continent. Since 1998, Montrel has established itself as a partner of the company Enagás, developing all the SICAN software associated with the automation of the LNG truck loading facilities at its regasification plants in Huelva, Barcelona, Cartagena and Gijón.

Over the years, we have helped to develop and update so that their facilities operate properly, as well as being the construction company for these loading facilities. Our most important clients include Air Liquide, which in recent years we have renewed the entire truck loading process at all its plants in Spain and Portugal. As key milestones, we are responsible for the Corporate Truck and Train Loading Management and Control Systems of Cepsa plants, called G3C, installed in all its plants, from its refineries to gas stations. All of them, with our system and covering the management, loading and distribution of conventional fuels, chemicals, biofuels, fuels, asphalts, emulsions, lubricants, LPG (these four packaged and in bulk); with a total of more than 80 active installations in Spain and Portugal.

Activities in the
field of industrial systems

  • Specific electrical engineering for the oil & gas sector
  • Technical Consulting Services of Systems, Integration, Operation and Maintenance for processes and Industrial ICT projects in oil & gas, turnkey.
  • Advanced Innovation Solutions in the oil & gas sector, storage terminals, loading/unloading of oil products.
  • Customized and flexible developments. Global Technology Outsourcing Services. • Industrial Process Automation and Complete Instrumentation Systems (Control, SCADA, Communications, Measurement, Management, Information Exchange and Logistics) modular, configurable, adapted to our clients’ processes and distributed Control Systems, backed by 50 years of work and/or experience in R&D&I.
  • Analysis, Design, Programming and cutting-edge in-house developments in Systems Engineering and processes in Oil & Gas Plants.
  • Complete real-time platforms and state-of-the-art industrial ICT solutions. Remote control of oil and gas pipelines
  • Automated Loading and Control Systems for oil and petrochemical product terminals. Liquefied Gases (LPG) for transportation in trucks and trains, cryogenic for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Regasification Plants.
  • Electronic sealing in ADR class 3 approved trucks, integrating advanced remote control system with GSM/GPRS and GPS.
  • Process Instrumentation, Telecommunication Infrastructures, Networking Systems, Networking and Data Processing Centres.
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance of all installed systems in any country.
  • Complete dynamic preventive, corrective and adaptive maintenance of software and hardware. Software updating.
  • Training, assistance and technical support to our clients’ staff.