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Montrel Integrated Automation System for Loading Facilities

As part of our R&D&I projects, at Montrel we have managed to bring a high level of innovation to the market with our Montrel Integrated Automation System for Loading Facilities (SIMAC). This is our own software for the complete automation of product loading/unloading processes (Control, SCADA, Communications, Measurement, Management, Information Exchange and Logistics): modular, configurable, customized and adapted to our clients' processes. Our SIMAC, in its variants for light fuel loading, has managed to create record loading times of 15 minutes in trucks with a capacity of 30,000 litres. This means an optimisation of the facilities and a sharp increase in operational safety.

This innovation is accompanied by a number of benefits that our clients can enjoy:

  • Consulting and technical advice
  • Special custom designs
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering
  • Certified manufacturing in own plants
  • Installation and implementation
  • Training, maintenance and support

activities and applications

The SIMAC that we have managed to develop in Montrel thanks to our extensive skills in R&D&I, has an important scope of application. It can therefore be applied to a wide range of activities, which we are already executing.

  • Technical Systems Consulting Services, Integration, Operation and Maintenance for Industrial Processes and ICT projects, turnkey.
  • Customized and flexible solutions. Global Technology Outsourcing Services.
  • Integral Automation Systems for Industrial Processes (Control, SCADA, Communications, Measurement, Management, Information Exchange and Logistics) that are modular, configurable, customized and adapted to our clients’ processes, backed by years of work in R&D&I.
  • Analysis, Design, Programming and cutting-edge in-house developments in Information Systems Engineering.
  • Real-time integrated solutions at all levels of state-of-the-art industrial IT
  • Automated Systems for Loading Petroleum Products and Liquefied Gases (LPG) into vehicles for road and rail transport.
  • Automated Cryogenic Loading Systems for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in trucks, for road transport.
  • Networking and Communications Systems.
  • Data Processing Centres.
  • Remote supervision and maintenance of all installed systems, in any country.
  • Permanent maintenance. Software update.
  • Training, Assistance and Technical Support to our Clients’ staff.
  • Supply, distribution and installation of computer, communications and network equipment


At Montrel, we have developed the SIMAC-ICOMPP system together with CHL (invention patent P201530654). This is a system whose function is to automatically check the unambiguous identification of each truck compartment during loading and unloading operations, as well as automatic purge control. It works by using a small hardware device (TAG) fitted to each truck compartment, which connects and communicates through the loading arm with the equipment installed in the loading centre bays. The system also incorporates an electronic registry and recording of the loading result in the corresponding TAG for subsequent reading and telematic unloading at the service station.

SIMAC-ICOMPP provides an important additional improvement in the safety of the truck loading and unloading process, preventing potential overfilling, spills and product contamination in the trucks. Our project was created with the fundamental objective of improving quality control and safety during the loading and unloading process of the more than 5,000 trucks destined for the transportation and distribution of oil products in Spain, and which are currently installed and operating in CLH's 33 plants in Spain. It is also designed to be used in other countries, both in Europe (the legislation on the transport of dangerous goods is EU-wide) and in the rest of the world.


Our R&D&I department has greatly focused on offering innovative solutions in the oil & gas sector. In addition to SIMAC-ICOMPP, we have developed SIMAC-TGD, a patent created and developed together with Cepsa. This is a new and exclusive system that allows unattended automatic unloading of hydrocarbons, optimizing unloading schedules and improving operational safety. The purpose of SIMAC-TGD is to effectively resolve associated incidents or fuel contamination during transportation, with operational safety, preventing theft and without environmental risk.

The system is useful and highly effective. Through its touch screen, it assists the driver during truck unloading operations, thanks to a smart local control station. It can therefore carry out all operations safely and without the intervention of station staff, reducing human factor errors and professionals' direct contact with the products. In addition, the terminal included in SIMAC-TGD reinforces security measures in the unloading process, thanks to the electronic and centralized control and monitoring of all stages of the process: automatic receiving of delivery notes, verifying seals and confirming all the necessary safety measures and with the possibility of remote monitoring from a control centre, among others.


The system electronically seals the truck, from loading the product at the plant of origin until it reaches its final destination (normally a service station), where it is controlled to ensure all compartments arrive sealed. Furthermore, it allows the user to locally control the status of each truck (empty, full, sealed, unsealed and faulty), as well as any incident during transportation and subsequent storage. The truck is monitored via GPS during the entire journey, and the system sends the information telematically to the carrier's control centre, and in turn to the product operator.

Our platform is fully modular, flexible and technologically advanced, fully complying with international standards for the transportation, safety and operation of products with a risk of fire and/or explosion in accordance with ATEX regulations. The Sealing System is a clear example of efficiency, design and engineering applied to our clients' procedures, and reflects Montrel as a company able to offer customized services to clients who are leaders in their respective sectors. The system is already in operation in Cepsa's truck fleet, with around 250 vehicles operating in Spain and Portugal.