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Cepsa and Montrel develop a pioneering and high-performance terminal for fuel discharge management in service stations

About the
SIMAC-TGD system

Cepsa and the Montrel industrial group have developed a Discharge Management Terminal (TGD) for high-performance hydrocarbons and a pioneer in Spain for the automatic management of liquid fuel discharges at service stations, as well as in other fuel storage facilities.

This new system , through its touch screen, assists the driver during the tanker unloading operations, thanks to an intelligent local control post, so that he can carry out the entire operation safely and without the intervention of station personnel, reducing human factor errors and direct contact of professionals with the products.

In addition, the Terminal reinforces the security measures in the download process, thanks to the centralized electronic control and monitoring of all stages of the process: automatic receipt of delivery notes, verification of seals or confirmation of all the necessary security actions and with the possibility of remote supervision from a control center, among others.

The TGD system avoids the risk of contamination between products since it allows unequivocal and safe identification of each hydrocarbon, as well as the quantities loaded in each compartment of the tank through communication with a small encapsulated hardware device that supplies Montrel, called TAG. In this way, it prevents products that do not match the storage tanks from being unloaded.

Julio Hernández Penide, head of technology for Cepsa's commercial area pointed out that “after three years of development of the project, we are very proud to complete the final phase of real tests of the system and computer integration, which It is another milestone in the development of innovation and technology applied to our sector ”.

For Luis A. Víu, CEO of Montrel, “this innovation represents the culmination and success of the R + D + i work that we have been maintaining with tenacity and effort in the commitment to innovation and improvement continues to preside over our business activity ”.