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Exolum and Montrel have invented and patented the SIMAC-ICOMPP system to automatically identify compartments for petroleum product trucks, with purge control and electronic recording of loads.

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Both companies jointly market and provide the SIMAC-ICOMPP system to the oil & gas industry, which they have invented and patented. Its function is to automatically check the unique identification of each truck compartment during loading and unloading operations, as well as the automatic control of purges. This is based on a small hardware device (TAG) attached to each truck compartment , which connects and communicates through the loading arm, with equipment installed in the terminal's loading bays. The system also implements electronic recording, with the recording of the loading results in the corresponding TAG for a later reading and telematic unloading at the service station.

At present, the loading centres have databases with detailed information on all the trucks operating in their truck loading facilities, including the capacity of each of their compartments. So far, the relationship between the compartment and the arm was determined before loading, but only by the driver manually entering data, as the driver is the one who chooses and types in the number of compartments to which they intend to connect the loading arm. The systems prior to SIMAC-ICOMPP did not have devices to check the correct assignment and to prevent the operation from continuing in the event of discrepancies or errors.

The new SIMAC-ICOMPP System requires that all compartments are thoroughly purged before starting the loading process, controlling this operation automatically, to avoid the minimal but undesirable mixtures between different products of successive loads (which could affect their quality), thus ensuring and complementing thus ensuring and complementing by Exolum to guarantee an excellent service to its clients.