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BP in Spain

BP has been present in Spain since 1954. It has 629 service stations and it is now one of the main energy companies in our country . It ranks third in the Spanish oil market, while also maintaining an outstanding position in the industrial natural gas market.

The Castellón refinery has been operating since 1967 and is one of the main economic and industrial motors in the Valencian Community. It has a crude oil processing capacity of 6 million tonnes per year.



SIMAC-COKE, developed and implemented for BP at the Castellon refinery by Montrel, manages the coke flow from refineries and warehouses for sale to the end customer.

It facilitates and optimizes the Stock Control and Management of BP Coke in Spain and its derived products (green coke and calcined coke), and of all the mixtures or blendings produced.

In the same vein, the implemented system preserves and makes the most of the accumulated experience and know˗how of the process flow used until now with the current management procedure, in order to minimize the learning curve of users and to optimize it.

Another challenge when introducing this system was to implement a user-friendly interface and high usability, jointly with the coke business.



For this same company, the SIMAC-EESS system was produced in 2019 for both Spain and the stations in Portugal.

The SIMAC-EESS fuel unloading information management system integrates the data manually entered by the driver before and after truck unloading at BP's service stations (or petrol stations) in Spain and Portugal.

A smartphone or tablet is used to access a Web Application (System Client Module).

The system creates PDF files of the Global Shipment Documents and the Delivery Guides of each travel order, including primarily the product quantities in loading and before and after unloading in the service station tanks.