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Policy on Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Montrel Industrial Group, in search of Excellence about Management of Practical Area and the matter of Environmental compatibility is our reason d’être from the beginning of our business project. We declare that Health, Safety & Environment in every technical field and activity is so relevant, particularly on electrical installations, manufacturing, production, goods, and services related to our knowledge areas and specific activities we offer or purpose to our Customers and Clients, also we contribute to the concepts of a sustainable economy, environmental preservation in global terms and orderly development in a healthy and balanced environment.

Executive Administrative Board is absolutely committed to provide all required resources according to technical matters, trustworthiness and economical terms so that every requirement from clients are satisfied completely, being very respectful with legal standards compliance (statutory requirements and regulations) and technical standards (set of specifications according to design, manufacturing, tests, machinery, equipment and installations to assure proper and safe operation), as well as Health, Safety and Environmental policies that our Organization come to terms broadly, even EU Directives which we draw all of our attention so that every service and cutting-edge technology, which we applied firmly, strive Health, Safety and Environmental in a responsible manner for our employees, by having as priorities top-level of distinction, cooperation, economic efficiency and maximum integrity in order to do our business.

The concepts of Quality, Safety & Environment are permanently considered across our company and Montrel activities, from commercial functions to the fulfillment of work ordered by our Clients and Customers. For this purpose, we have developed and implemented an Integrated System for Quality Management System (IQMS) and Health, Safety and Environment policy (HSE) in order to regulate our functions, authority, responsibilities and procedures to comply with it from initial works to delivery of goods and/or commissioning of services, even after these two matters, we keep on providing post-sales services, by taking the environment prevention, workers damage, occupational safety and health, natural resources protection, waste disposal, and risk assessment into account all the time, both internal process and progression of projects at the work-site.

The concept of Health, Safety & Environment at the workplace are considered for all stages of the company and activities carried out by Montrel, by putting into practice our values of zero-accidents by means of methodical work, diligent responsibility, being aware of using standards and legal precepts in these subjects. To do this, we have implemented an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in order to improve continuously and regulate our functional structure, responsibilities, practices and procedures to be applied to diverse activities in our Organization.

Our company policy related to Occupational Health and Safety is focused on all of our works, by providing the best means and capabilities in order to get them maximum level, including zero-accidents in any activity which we perform. The code of conduct, which was implemented, includes law-enforcement issued to comply with the purpose as a labor law framework according to our duties.

It is a solid commitment by the Executive Administrative Board to make all required efforts within the joint Environment Management in order to assure continuous improvement of processes, performance standards and our relationship with third parties which are interested, by implementing and reviewing the aims and goals we shared periodically, such as Quality and Health, Safety & Environment (HSE).

Senior Management takes responsibility of being committed to exert the leadership in order to improve working conditions, as a rule, ensure better protection of workers’ health and safety levels, by acting as a steering committee, reference and example for mission compliance concerning the business organization and working places.

Achievement of planned objectives is considered essentially as well as the level of staff according to professional values regardless of their positions or category. So we draw the greatest attention to Occupational Health and Safety of all employees, continuing training, promoting Quality culture and all related to Environment awareness permanently.

Our Integrated Policy is implemented, maintained and reviewed regularly which is conveyed to all our staff at the appropriate time. Furthermore, all this documentation is available for clients, providers or any other company which is interested in getting further information.

Loyal to all these values and commitments, likewise these ones are extended for all of our providers, just as Montrel comply with these precepts, which are registered in Integrated Management System documentation.