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Projects for
Cepsa in Spain and Portugal

For decades, Montrel has developed for Cepsa, one of the main oil companies in Spain and Portugal , systems for physical, customs and logistics management, whose goal is to reach the highest level in automating loading and distribution processes of oil products in all its loading centres in the Iberian Peninsula , including the refineries of Gibraltar-San Roque, Tenerife and La Rábida; and the plants of de Pazos (Madrid) Gijón and Matosinhos (Portugal).

These loading process management and control systems have been implemented and are in operation in more than 40 Cepsa storage , and distribution centres, and among them is the G3C. This is the company's Corporate System to distribute its products using trucks.

Engineering solutions
and industrial automation

Montrel has managed to provide Cepsa, one of the major fuel logistics operators in Spain and abroad, with the most innovative engineering and industrial automation solutions for hydrocarbon loading and unloading process in trucks and trains.

Given the high degree of implementation in different types of refineries and storage plants, our systems for Cepsa include all aspects of loading liquid fuels, LPG, asphalts, petrochemicals and lubricants:

  • Inventory management and product movements.
  • Different types of supplies to clients: Direct Sales and En Route Sales.
  • Customer Service Module.
  • Reseller Module for En Route Sales
  • Logistics module for information exchange, with telematic import of orders and automatic export to other load results systems.
  • Access control to the facilities using proximity cards or license plate recognition systems, with ongoing monitoring of the validity of all permits and insurance.
  • Complete en route sales processing by integrating on-board computers.
  • Tax treatment, Special Taxes on Hydrocarbons.
  • Truck, Train and Container Loading.
  • IFO Manufacturing (in-line blending).
  • Time statistics of vehicle stops.
  • LPG (propane and butane) loading with mass meters or on scales
  • Loading control of products in bulk and in containers.
  • Manufacture of different types of LPG. (sequential blending).
  • High capacity for the additivation of both quality products and fiscal additives.
  • Integration of Tank Inventory Systems.
  • In-line manufacturing of a wide range of asphalts.
  • Wide range of reports for plant supervision.

Cepsa corporate system

The main philosophy of G3C is based on the fact that the loading terminal can develop a basic operational functioning for the loading, unloading and dispatch of vehicles, issuing documentation, even if there are no active communications with the Central System, which creates autonomy.

The system is designed in a modular way, so that all processes and modules can interact in an integrated way, responding to all functionalities. This structure enables the configuration of the different Loading Centres, so that the system modules that each plant needs according to its structure will be active.

Furthermore, it avoids the risk of contamination between products by making a clear and safe identification of each hydrocarbon. By communicating the quantities loaded in each compartment of the truck with hardware devices supplied by Montrel, the unloading of products that do not match the correct storage tanks is prevented.