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Projects with
Repsol in Latin America

Montrel has been collaborating with the Spanish energy and petrochemical multinational for more than 30 years , where we have executed many projects both in Spain and in Latin America (Peru and Mexico). Our main projects with Repsol in Latin America have been at the La Pampilla refinery (Lima) , where we have been working for more than 20 years; and the Gutsa refinery in La Paz (Mexico) .

Additive System for
Repsol México

Montrel has automated and installed an additive system for diesel and petrol, as well as adapted peripherals at the Gutsa Terminal located in La Paz.

Supply, installation and implementation of an additive system for oil products. Automatic additive loading systemconsisting of two product loading skids and two additive skids.

Since 2018, our client has been Repsol Downstream Mexico , a subsidiary of Repsol in the Central American country whose activity includes the supply and trading of crude oil and products, oil refining, the production and sale of oil products and petrochemicals, LNG trading and low-emission businesses. The terminal in La Paz (Baja California) has a clear commitment to grow together with the Mexican market, and to contribute to the energy supply, as well as the economic development of the country.

Automation in
the Repsol refinery
in La Pampilla (Peru)

Repsol La Pampilla is one of the most important refineries in South America and the first to have automatic loading systems in the continent.

We developed all the engineering, equipment supply, implementation and maintenance of the management and control system of the oil product truck loading facilities and software application to adapt the loading facility to ethanol and biodiesel blending. In addition to this, the manufacture in our workshops and supply of EEx boxes necessary for the EPC electrical connection.

Montrel has developed a system for the automatic loading of light fuel trucks, based on its in-house developments on Microsoft's SQL Server database. By adapting to the refinery's commercial procedures, it allows the fully automatic loading of the various products supplied in the loading facility, both liquid fuels (light and heavy) and asphalts.

  • Data Exchange Module: provides the plant with the ability to receive orders and send loading information telematically.
  • Management Module: enables data system maintenance, also preparing all the necessary documentation for transportation, as well as all the operation reports of the loading facility.
  • Communications Module: manages and controls the various devices fitted to the whole unit via communication lines or network links.
  • Synoptic Module: makes it possible to visualize all the necessary data to supervise proper system operation, including alarm servicing and operation warnings.
  • Process Control or PLC: designed to maintain all the loading interlocks and the control of the different elements that are part of the installation.

Integration for
refinery operation

Due to the characteristics of the refinery, the pumps necessary for the loading facility are included in different Motor Control Centres distributed throughout the facility.

For optimum integration, a standard cabinet has been designed for pump control, equipped with the ET200M decentralised periphery station for a Profibus connection to the system's CPU (315-2DP). These cabinets have enabled easy integration of all pumps in the control room.