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LNG Truck Loading System

Montrel TLS for LNG Facilities

Complete Solution

The System offers a complete solution for the different needs of loading LNG tank trucks on scale platform:

  • Telematic Import of orders.
  • Access control, both entry and exit, both entry and exit, with microwave identification of vehicles and people.
  • Compliance Check of all requirements and authorizations required for transport.
  • Automatic control of the loading process, monitoring the security levels required for transport.
  • Integration of actual data of product specifications through chromatographs.
  • Preparation of all needed ADR transport documentation.
  • Telematic export of the real data of each load,  for its processing in billing and/or ERP.

Both hardware and software are adapted to the special characteristics of the product, cryogenic liquid (normal operating temperature -165 ° C) and ATEX Standard.

Flexible Solution

Based on the common core of the solution, the System can be accommodated to the particular requirements and specific needs of each client.

Security and Availability

In certain cases, there has been an increase in the levels of security and system availability, through a redundant CPU configuration with automatic hot switch and with capacity for Safety requirements.
To implement security ties (SIL) the System is endowed with Safety Matrix tool of Siemens (SIMATIC Safety Matrix).
Similarly, the System has redundant operator workstations, and also redundant data servers

Integration of multiple equipment

The System is composed of multiple equipment, being integrated through various kinds of communication links:
  • Ethernet.
  • Profibus.
  • RS 232 Lines.
  • RS 485 Lines, with or without Modbus protocol.
  • Loop current Lines (for special equipment).

Elements that are part of the System:
  • Card identification Terminals.
  • Microwave module identification Terminals.
  • Identification System for vehicles with license plate recognition.
  • Scale Platforms and scale Terminals on which the loading is made.
  • Field Terminals for operators.
  • ID Card Recorders.

Communications with other Systems:
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
  • DCS (Distributed Control System).
  • SSA (Active Safety System).
  • SSD (Shut Down System).
  • F&G (Fire and Gas).