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Within our business areas, we have developed much of our work in the oil & gas sector, representing over 70% of Montrel's activity. This is a sector in which we have gained significant international recognition, thanks to the use of advanced technologies as a factor for success. Our portfolio in this field covers three main areas: Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and LNG. We carry out large-scale projects related to the storage and transportation of hydrocarbons, bunkering facilities, management and control systems for LNG loading facilities, electricity and instrumentation for regasification plants and refineries, or automation of hydrocarbon loading/unloading, among others.

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As an oil & gas company, all our work is carried out directly with our own resources and lasting technology for new developments, in EPC format, from design and construction to implementation. In addition to the basic and detailed engineering applied to the oil & gas sector, instrumentation, electricity, computer systems, mechanics and loading/unloading skids; we carry out general automation of the loading management and process control system which includes order, distribution system, physical loading in corporate management, immediate billing specific to the business, precise and clear accounting, administrative documentation; as well as possible integration with other internal systems or plant platform.

At Montrel we have adapted to our clients in order to always offer the most flexible, appropriate and customized solution. In this way, once we have developed the management and control software, we manage the specific, dynamic preventive, corrective, adaptive and remote management maintenance of software or hardware that is constantly updated with continuous monitoring at all our facilities in any country. In this way, we attend to the maintenance of many plants of our important clients, such as Enagás (all its plants), Cepsa (all its plants), Repsol (Puertollano, La Coruña and Peru), BP Oil, Galp, BBG, Saggas, Reganosa, Air Liquide (all its plants in the Iberian Peninsula), Peru LNG or GNL Quintero (Chile); among many other leading companies.


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Our continuous investment in R&D&I has given us important knowledge on this sector to carry out any project, no matter how big and complex it is, with a high level of efficiency and quality guarantee. All of this is done with the most advanced technology and in-depth know-how from the Montrel team. Montrel has invented, patented and developed, together with Exolum, a system called SIMAC-ICOMPP to automatically identify compartments in oil trucks. The system offers absolute control of the loading process, is safer (avoids human errors), as well as corporate management and electronic quality documentation (electronic delivery note), fast and easy to load.

This system has already been successfully installed in more than 4,000 trucks and in all Exolum plants and continues to be implemented throughout Spain for other operators. It is a unique design on the market and one that to date has no precedent: it increases productivity, safety and improves the economy. We have also developed together with Cepsa another invention patent, the SIMAC-TGD system, to improve control and safety in unattended truck unloading operations in service stations and other storage facilities. At the same time, we have a firm agreement with Enagás for the marketing and joint exploitation of the SICAN software developed by Montrel and implemented in all LNG truck loading facilities in Spain, where we are absolute leaders, and at an international level.