Patente compartida entre CLH y Montrel

Control System patented by Exolum and Montrel

CLH and Montrel have invented and patented the SIMAC-ICOMPP System for automatic identification of compartments in petroleum products trucks, with purge and electronic delivery note.

Invention Patent: P201530654

In equal shares, both companies jointly market SIMAC-ICOMPP System they invented and whose functions are to automatically verify the unique identification of each compartment from the tanker truck during loading and unloading process, as well as the automatic control of the purges. All of it is based on the provision of a small hardware device (TAG), which is coupled to each compartment from the truck and connects through the loading arm, along with equipment installed in the terminal’s loading bays. Additionally, the system incorporates the implementation of an electronic delivery note, with the recording of the loading process results in the corresponding TAG for a later automatic reading at the Service Station.

At present, the Terminals and/or Loading Centers mentioned before have databases with detailed information on all tank trucks operating in their truck loading facility, including the capacity of each of their compartments. So far, the relationship between the compartment and the loading arm was determined prior to load only through manual entry of data by the driver, as he is one who chooses and type the number of compartments to which they intend to connect the loading arm. The Systems did not have devices to verify the correct assignment and to prevent the continued operation in the event of discrepancies or errors.

Moreover, the safety systems currently deployed in tank trucks to prevent overfills and spills during the loading process, are passive elements. In the case the amount of product introduced into a compartment eventually come to exceed the maximum limit, the overfill control systems would stop the loading process. But if any of these controls, systems were defective or the regulation of a level detector had been accidentally altered, you run the risk that product overflows, resulting in a spill at the truck loading facility.

The new SIMAC-ICOMPP System requires that all compartments be thoroughly purged before starting the loading process, controlling this operation automatically, to avoid the minimal but undesirable mixtures between different products of successive loads (which could affect to the quality thereof), thus ensuring and complementing the procedures established by CLH to guarantee an excellent service to its customers.

Likewise, the unloading in the Service Stations is carried out, either during night hours or during commercial hours, but currently always with the intervention and supervision of a responsible employee, who verifies quantities and controls the correct coincidence of the product contained in each compartment, with that of the reception tank, according to the accompanying delivery note printed on paper. Despite this, sometimes, human errors can be produced that generate serious inconveniences by mixing or contamination of products in said tanks, of laborious and costly correction.

The SIMAC-ICOMPP System, developed by applying the extensive experience of CLH, which is being built in the Montrel Factory in Seville, was born with the fundamental objective of improving quality control and safety during the loading and unloading process of the more than 5,000 tankers (only in Spain), destined to the transport and distribution of petroleum products. It is designed to be applied in other countries, both in Europe (the legislation on the transport of dangerous goods is Community) and in the rest of the world, since this activity is governed by very similar international standards.

Among other aspects, the implementation of the SIMAC-ICOMPP System allows:

 – Ensure the correct association compartments-arms-products, preventing the loading process in case of an error.

 – Prevent the programming and loading quantities greater than the capacities of the compartments, reliably identified by their TAGs.

 – Supervise and guarantee the total absence of residual product in the tanks before loading, as it verifies that the purging operation has been carried out correctly and thoroughly.

 Record the result of the loading of each compartment in its TAG, constituting a complete an electronic record of this, which can be read and downloaded electronically at Service Station.

As a result, the SIMAC-ICOMPP System provides an important additional improvement in the safety of the truck loading and unloading process, avoiding potential overfills, spills or contamination of products in the tanks, as well as in the tanks of the Service Stations, associated with which human errors are possible in the operation. In addition, it facilitates the implementation of more secure, fully automated loading and unloading procedures, which can be unattended.

This SIMAC-ICOMPP System has been jointly developed by CLH and Montrel, in which the Sening division in Hamburg of the multinational FMC Technologies has collaborated.

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