Establecimiento Repsol

Montrel will revamp the truck loading system at Repsol Puertollano

Montrel has been awarded for the software renovation of the Truck Loading System at the Repsol refinery in Puertollano. Years ago, Montrel made the revamping of the Truck Loading Station (with 8 loading bays) in the refinery, as well as the integration with the Train & Truck Unloading Facilities (also built by Montrel), which has 12 discharge points.

The new system will cover both the petroleum products loading bays and the different discharge points, and if it is based on the Montrel Proprietary for the Truck Loading Control System (SCADA). Our system adapts and communicates with Repsol’s administrative management at the refinery (SAP or alike), with a scope similar to those which we maintain in other Repsol plants, such as La Coruña, La Pampilla (Peru), or Terminales Canarios.

The Supervision and Control app, designed and implemented by our engineers, is the result of Montrel’s great experience in the Oil & Gas sector, with multiple references in process automation, and allows us to have control of the Loading processes adapted to the needs and demands of our clients. Also, this revamp can integrate the future our SIMAC-ICOMPP System for the automatic identification of compartments and purge control