MONTREL realiza la ampliación de la Planta de GNL Quintero (Chile)

MONTREL expands LNG Loading Plant of Quintero(Chile)

Quintero LNG terminal is located in the bay of the same name (fifth region of the center of Chile), and is the main source of gas natural supply of from the central area. It has as main equipment a dock of 1,878 meters long, which allows unloading methane vessels of up to 180,000 m3 of LNG, a storage area with cryogenic tanks with a the capacity of 310,000 m3 of LNG, an area of LNG regasification consisting of two sprays of seawater (ORV), capable of re-gasifying the equivalent of 10 million m3 of natural gas per day, and a third backup combustion vaporizer (SCV) capable of vaporizing 5 million m3 of natural gas per day and a  yard to load tank trucks with 2 loading bays, plus the two new loading points that have just been installed.

In May 2011 Montrel installed and implemented the LNG (at -160 ºC) tank truck loading yard, being this the first Liquefied Natural Gas Loading Plant in Latin America.

Since then Montrel, with proven experience in LNG Cargo systems for more than 15 years, has contributed to the consolidation of LNG as a relevant fuel for the present and future energy matrix of Chile.

During the last month of July 2013 LNG Quintero reached the milestone of 10,000 trucks loaded successfully thanks to the system designed, implemented and installed by Montrel.

In May 2014 Montrel has contributed to the expansion of the capacity of operating trucks inside the Plant, doubling it, so it now has 4 loading bays.

Due to the extensive experience of Montrel in energy / oil & gas sector, the implementation of this expansion has been a success, having done the same without altering the normal operation of the facility, so the supply of tank trucks to customers of LNG Quintero, has not been affected at all by the work done in the loading yard.