Montrel mejora con I+D

Montrel improves the security of Exolum facilities with R&D

The Seville company MONTREL has successfully completed one of the major innovation projects in the dangerous goods transport sector in Spain. Last year, the group chaired by Luis Víu patented an intelligent system to increase the efficiency of loading and unloading tank tankers (one of the few procedures that were still subject to possible human error). And the Hydrocarbon Logistics Company (CLH) has now started the implementation of this system in its facilities to carry out the process of loading petroleum products in tanker trucks in a safer way. “The installation of the new system will involve an investment of more than six million euros by CLH and the oil operators,” the company said in a statement.
The new equipment (called SIMAC-ICOMPP) “automatically monitors that the truck’s tanks are completely empty before filling, that the fuel is loaded in the correct compartment and that the quantity does not exceed its capacity”.

In the event of any error, the system would prevent starting the load until the issue is resolved. “For their correct implantation, the cisterns must only have a small identification device attached to each compartment, which allows adaptation of the vehicles to be quick and easy.” In addition, these slides can record all the information generated during the upload process.

CLH plans to install this new system in the loading areas of all its facilities within two years and will affect more than 4,500 trucks. This innovation has been developed at the MONTREL factory in Seville applying CLH’s experience. Senning, a Hamburg-based firm (subsidiary FMC Technologies), has also collaborated.

The potential of SIMAC-ICOMPP is much greater since it has responded to a global problem. “The vocation is for it to be used by tank trucks from Spain, the European Union and the rest of the world, taking advantage of the fact that the international standards applicable to this activity are similar, having registered the patent for it,” remarks CLH.