Puerto eléctrica

MONTREL will set up a LNG truck loading facility for GAS NATURAL FENOSA (GNPR) at Puerto Rico.

Gas Natural Fenosa is present in Puerto Rico, a country that owns a storage and regasification facility of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and that also has an unloading Facility that supports LNG tankers of up to 140,000 cubic meters; the product is stored in a cryogenic tank of 160,000 cubic meters capacity. This regasification plant is the only one of this type that exists in Puerto Rico, so it is a strategic the choice to supply natural gas to the island and a significant competitive advantage.

GNPR manages gas facilities with the exclusive right to the access of natural gas in the island. GNPR commitment with Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is to supply it with 2 bcm (billion cubic meters) of natural gas in the next two years, thus considerably strengthening its activities in the Central American country and completing its mission of providing electric power generation to customers in the most efficient, economical and safe way, in harmony with the environment.

To come up with the supply and to carry out natural gas throughout the country, Gas Natural Fenosa is undertaking the construction and implementation of a new LNG Truck Loading Facility, recently awarded to Montrel; It will have an LNG operation capacity of 960 cubic meters / day (24 trucks / day), with two loading bays, initially providing a 12-hour operating day.

This unique project in Puerto Rico, has been awarded to the Spanish company Montrel, which has its own advanced technology, and that is a leader in this sector with over 50 years of experience in high level engineering, especially in LNG loading facilities for tank trucks, and that has set up in Spain all existing facilities to date (seven facilities), with others in Chile and Peru.

Montrel industrial group will make ​​the design, manufacture and “turnkey” installation of the New Facility. This work includes: basic and detailed engineering, instrumentation, mechanical work, piping skid, general loading automation system with process control, document management and integration with existing systems of the Facility.

With the coming into operation of the truck loading Facility in 2015; Puerto Rico will ensure the supply of gas in any area of ​​the island.

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