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MONTREL has recently concluded refinery modernization project in La Pampilla

MONTREL Industrial Group has already concluded the modernization and expansion project related to automation of several terminal stations within truck loading facility successfully, using for ethanol blending and gasoline distribution nationally from LA PAMIPILLA Refinery in LIMA (PERÚ).

LA PAMPILLA (Company included in REPSOL YPF PERU Group) began operations more than 40 years ago. In the year 1997, MONTREL Industrial Group has carried out one of the most important and innovative automation projects related to Oil&Gas sector in Peru, by designing and performing the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) of control and management systems (SIMAC) for petroleum products sales whose distribution is performed by means of tank trucks.

Thenceforth, the technological process level and petroleum products distributed by mentioned Refinery have been steadily increasing due to the intensive investment plan oriented towards process optimization and production capacity improvements, turning LA PAMPILLA into the most important and modern Refinery in PERÚ.

MONTREL Industrial Group has already carried out the modernization and expansion project of truck loading stations in order to automatize of ethanol blending and gasoline distribution, which was concluded and commissioned successfully last November, 2009.

The new system was implemented by MONTREL is not just used for ethanol blending and gasoline distribution, but also can distribute diesel and ester without structural modifications thereof and keeping the same high functional and safety levels.

Nowadays, LA PAMPILLA Refinery has a process capacity of 102.000 barrels per day, amounting more than a half total refining capacity nationally. The whole production is controlled automatically from a new Central Control Room, in which MONTREL contributes towards its own Control System and Management (SIMAC).

The sales volume of LA PAMPILLA Refinery accounts around 50% of the market share in accordance with the demand of PERÚ.

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