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Montrel creates an intelligent system together with Exolum that prevents human errors in loading-unloading process of oil products in tank trucks

The transport of oil products has strict safety protocols for decades. Montrel, specialized in electrical engineering and computer engineering, and the logistics operator CLH have just developed an intelligent system to increase efficiency in loading and unloading tankers, one of the few procedures that were still subject to human error and could be installed in more than 5,000 vehicles only in Spain.

How does this “brain” works? The so-called SIMAC-ICOMPP incorporates a hardware device to each of the compartments of the tank truck which communicates in turn with a central system in the cargo terminal. “So far the relationship between the loading arm and the compartment was determined with manual data input by the driver and there was not a device that could verify the operation and interrupt if an anomaly is detected”, says Luis Viu, president of Montrel. In addition to preventing potential failures by the driver, SIMAC-ICOMPP ensures that “setting and loading quantities that do not exceed the capabilities of the compartments; guarantee the absence of residual product in the tank trucks (since it is verified that the previous purging operation is carried out correctly and completely); and records the results of the load, which is an electronic record that can be read electronically when the tank truck arrives at its destination” (petrol station).

CLH will install the system in thirty tank trucks and gradually extend it to thousands of vehicles that operate on their facilities. However, the potential of this system is far superior because it has responded to a global problem. “With this innovation further improvement in the process of loading and unloading at the international level is offered, like all companies in the industry are worried to avoid overfilling and ensure that there are no spills or contamination of products in the tank trucks to move to tanks of petrol stations”.

Legislation transport of dangerous goods is common to all EU countries and is subject to very similar international standards, thereby optimizing the process in Spain qualifies for export to other markets. “We facilitated the implementation of an automated procedure,” notes Viu. The system has been developed in Montrel factory in Seville, applying the experience of CLH. He has also collaborated Sening, Hamburg-based firm (a subsidiary of FMC Technologies).