The new expansion of CEPSA La Rábida refinery has turned into a reality.

CEPSA Group, LA RÁBIDA Refinery concretely, starts a new chapter of its company’s history due to the new ambitious project is going to came out soon, whereby Huelva’s Refinery will be become one of the most efficient facilities in Europe.

After two years of intense work, both the Expansion of Production Capacity for Middle Distillates (EPCMD) and the new Cogeneration Plant II were opened by H.M. King Juan Carlos I of Spain, on October 27, 2010.

Referred the project has been developed and implemented on-site, by covering an area of 73.000m2, and entailing an intensive investment of 1.100 million ‚ approximately. This one has allowed CEPSA to increase its Diesel and Kerosene Production Capacity remarkably and significantly. Considering the new Production Area in operation, the whole facility is going to scale oil crude production up from 5Mt to 9,5Mt.

The construction of aforementioned Plant has been performed by implementing Cutting-Edge Technology in Andalusia and being used by CEPSA, for the first time, to be operated in a new Hydrocracker in which high pressure and temperature are reached on normal operating conditions and gearing production towards automotive diesel and aviation kerosene.
MONTREL Industrial Group, with more than 47 years of continuous experience in Oil&Gas sector and being regular contributor to CEPSA in this sort of High-Tech Project Level, has already concluded all industrial instrumentation installations, which was implemented in this new Hydrocracker, by providing more than 90.000 man-hours, which have been done by specialized workforce, within a total budget of 2,5 million.