We are leaders in
Integral loading systems
for tanks
in LNG plants

At Montrel we have established ourselves as benchmarks in the execution of EPC projects for LNG truck & train loading facilities which include the management and control system for automatic loadings. Currently, we occupy 100% of the market in Spain (our management and control system is implemented in all regasification terminals in Spain), Peru, Chile and Puerto Rico . In addition to these LNG projects, we also work with LNG transfer systems to small capacity ships or barges for Enagás in Barcelona, Huelva and Cartagena.

In relation to Bunkering and LNG truck & train loadings, we are able to offer the management / control system for loading / unloading, supply, electricity and instrumentation, installation and commissioning of skids .

We are pioneers in this type of loading systems for products as sophisticated as LNG, since these processes work with the liquid at -162 degrees below zero, a temperature that is difficult to handle and requires treatment processes very advanced.



Loading management and control systems in
LNG plants,

a unique solution in the sector

After extensive experience in the sector , at Montrel we have developed a system that responds to a complete and comprehensive solution to the different needs of loading and unloading of LNG trucks. Based on these global premises, our solution for loading systems in LNG plants can be tailored to the particular requirements and specific needs of each client, thus creating the most personalized option adapted to each project , and complying with ATEX regulations.

Telematic import of orders.

Access control, both at the entrance and at the exit, with microwave identification of vehicles and people.

Verification of compliance with all the requirements and permits necessary for transportation.

Automatic control of the load, supervising the security levels required for the process.

Preparation of all the necessary documentation for transport according to ADR.

Incorporation of real data of the characteristics of the product by means of chromatographs.

Specifications and components of our
LNG truck & train loading system

In the case of our solution for truck & train loading systems , it is made up of different teams that are integrated by means of different types of communication links: Ethernet, Profibus, RS 232 Lines, RS 485 Lines, with or without Modbus protocol and current loop lines (for special equipment).

Our innovative LNG loading system and its complete management , is made up of the following elements:

  • Card identification terminals .
  • Identification terminals of microwave modules.
  • System for vehicle identification by license plate recognition .
  • Platforms and scale terminals on which the loads are made.
  • Field terminals for operator.
  • ID card recorders .

Maximum security in
LNG loadings

At Montrel we work to respond to any need for projects related to the transportation and loading of LNG in trucks. For this reason, we have increased the levels of security and availability of the system that we have developed, by means of a redundant CPU configuration with automatic hot-swapping and with capacity for safety requirements (Safety). For the implantation of safety ties (SIL) the System is equipped with the Siemens Safety Matrix tool (SIMATIC Safety Matrix). Likewise, it has redundant operator workstations and data servers.