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Business line

Manufacturing of
industrial electrical panels

At Montrel we have a group of qualified professionals. Above all, for the design and manufacture of industrial electrical panels and equipment to work in Low Voltage (LV), especially adapted to the needs of our customers.

In our workshop we mainly manufacture protection and control cabinets (also called racks), auxiliary service panels and centralization boxes. Montrel's main clients in this activity are Red Eléctrica de España (REE) and Endesa, although we also have other important clients , these teams being mainly aimed at electrical substations.

In conclusion, Within these cabinets we can also manufacture for example, Frames of Optoelectric Couplers (BAO); RPM or Official Measure, with meters to measure the energy consumed and produced; and Remote Control Border.

Know our
manufacturing plant

Similarly, we have advanced technology in design, manufacture and installation according to UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 of industrial electrical panels, cabinets and consoles for industrial use; Above all, integrated racks of relays for protection, control, measurement and communications for substations up to 400kV; and Ex enclosures according to the ATEX directive for explosive atmospheres.

In other words Our certified own manufacturing program includes the design and production of special sets and cabinets for:

  • Energy management .
  • Sets of distribution, protection and maneuvering for low voltage.
  • Boxes of Centralization .
  • Motor control centers .
  • Control consoles for processes.
  • Security systems general electronics.
  • Interface cabinets for remote control.
  • Cabinets for Telecommunications and Office Automation .

Manufacturing relationship of
industrial electrical panels and products

At Montrel, we provide a wide catalog of products for related projects, for example, with the following elements:

  • Integrated Protection and Control (P&C) Frames .
  • Pictures of Auxiliary Services .
  • Boxes of Centralization .
  • Frames of standardized optoelectric couplers .
  • RPM cabinets .
  • Racks Remote Control Border .
  • Equipment ATEX explosion-proof