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Tables of auxiliary services and centralization boxes

Manufacturing of
tables of auxiliary services and centralization boxes

Manufacture of auxiliary service panels serve to distribute the energy of the auxiliary services of the substations, consisting mainly of power supplies, necessary to ensure the proper and safe operation of the installation. These types of panels are mainly supplied to Red Eléctrica de España (REE), Transmisora ​​Eléctrica del Sur (Peru), Eiffage and Endesa . Furthermore, we also manufacture and supply low voltage (LV) centralization boxes for substations and other electricity generation and storage plants.

Thanks to our perfectly equipped manufacturing plant and the experience and technical capacity of our workers, at Montrel we have the ability to ensure the supply of these critical equipment to our customers, all of them leading companies in the electricity sector and with the highest standards of quality and documentary requirements for its manufacture and shipment to various plants both in Spain and Peru, which are our reference markets historically. In the lower section you can find an image gallery with some of the low voltage equipment of this type that we usually manufacture.