Enagas y Montrel

Enagás and Montrel have signed a worldwide marketing agreement for SICAN software

Enagás is betting on a stakeholder management model that encourages dialogue, collaboration and generating shared benefits. In this connection, the Purchasing Department is working in coordination with other units of the company, in order to find meeting points with suppliers that will generate value for both parties through the Circle of Suppliers and identify new business opportunities.

Under this initiative, and with the participation of the Unit for Business Development and the Management of Information Systems, Legal Services and Purchasing Department, Enagás has signed a cooperation agreement with Montrel company for the exploitation of software loading tanks (SICAN).

Montrel, electrical engineering company with renowned prestige and based in Seville has been developing since 1998 to ENAGAS all software associated with the automation of the LNG loading of tankers existing in our regasification plants (Huelva, Barcelona, ​​Cartagena and El Musel), which has extensive knowledge of the ENAGAS needs and has contributed over the years all developments and updates for proper operation these facilities. In addition, Montrel has been the company that built physically the aforementioned Loading Plants, undertaking its extensions. Enagas currently has three tanker loading bays in each plant, allowing the loading of LNG tankers for transport to satellite plants.

The agreement between these two companies defines that Enagás owns all industrial property rights of SICAN system, currently implemented in our LNG Loading Plants and Montrel, author of the system is assigned to non-exclusive rights to exploit the program SICAN.

As consideration for the non-exclusive transfer of exploitation rights of SICAN system worldwide for Montrel, Enagás receive a royalty for each license.

Our company can exploit without limitation, either by themselves or through third parties, the aforementioned software. Also, both parties undertake to promote the commercial exploitation of SICAN and to facilitate their commercial success.

Enagás, as far as possible, will collaborate with Montrel to promote marketing software by providing business support in possible business opportunities that may be of interest, in its discretion.

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