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LNG Cryogenic
Loading Facilities

LNG Loading Facility for
Bahía Bizkaia Gas (BBG)

Since 2003, Bahía Bizkaia Gas (BBG) has been the owner of the liquefied natural gas regasification plant located in the Port of Bilbao, municipality of Zierbana, Bizkaia. Currently, it has a storage capacity of 450,000 m3, and a truck loading facility with a loading bay to transport LNG by road to satellite plants, industry and other facilities necessary for loading LNG carriers.

The EPC project for building the terminal involved renowned companies such as Initec, companies that focus on building electricity generation facilities and with more than 50 years of experience; Sofregaz, an engineering company that covers the entire spectrum of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons: Treatment, Liquefaction, Transport and LNG Regasification; and Tecnigaz, a company specializing in the maintenance, conservation and repair of gas and air compressors, air conditioning, heat pumps and commercial or industrial air compressors.

Montrel was the company contracted for the design, the supply of the loading skid and the management and control software to automate the LNG cryogenic loading facility to supply the product by trucks.

Thanks to our technical solution for this project, BBG became the first regasification plant in Spain for LNG loading using articulated arms implemented in a prefabricated unit. It is also important to note the implementation of management and control software for loading functions, with accompanying administrative documentation for the entities involved. And also, real-time maintenance of the automatic control system from our offices.

Since 2003, the BBG regasification plant has supplied LNG to a total of 12 different countries around the world, including Nigeria, Peru, Norway, Qatar, Trinidad and Tobago and Algeria.

LNG Cryogenic Loading Facility for
Saggas Sagunto (Valencia)

Since 2006, Saggas has been the operator of the LNG regasification plant in Sagunto (Valencia). This is a key facility for the Spanish energy sector due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean arc and its proximity to producing countries in Africa and the Middle East.

In addition, the port of Sagunto is an ideal place for a regasification plant due to its privileged position in the Mediterranean Arc and because it is an industrial area and a communications hub. The majority shareholder of the plant is Enagás.

In the port of Sagunto facilities, the loading skid was installed and maintenance of the management and control system for the LNG truck loading facility, with the ability to generate the administrative and fiscal loading documentation.

The technical solution also included the computer, instrumentation and mechanical engineering of the LNG cryogenic truck loading facility. The loading process is carried out on weighbridges with automatic weight control. In the scope we carried out the piping skid, basic and detailed engineering.

LNG Truck Loading Facility for

Since 2007, Reganosa, a company dedicated to natural gas transportation and regasification, has been authorized and appointed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism as the transmission system operator (TSO). Owner and operator of the LNG regasification terminal in Mugardos (La Coruña), since November 2007, it has made a vital contribution to guarantee the supply security of the Spanish gas system in the northwest area. Its jetty can accommodate any gas carriers in the world fleet.

As in the projects we executed in the regasification terminals of Cartagena, Huelva, Barcelona and Bilbao, Montrel again carried out LNG cryogenic loading for automatic product supply in trucks.

Its design stands out for the use of state-of-the-art solutions that guarantee the efficiency of the terminal in the loading, weighing and truck entry and exit.

Also, as in other cases, Montrel has implemented management and control software and the instrumentation of the LNG truck loading facility, with articulated arms on weighbridges with automatic weighing control at the loading terminal. The unloading arms are connected to two tanks that can store up to 300,000 m3 of LNG and keep the LNG at a temperature of -160 Cº at atmospheric pressure.

The stored LNG can be loaded in trucks or sent to the plant's regasification facilities. We carry out basic and detailed engineering, as well as general automated loading system with process control and generation of administrative and fiscal documentation.

Reganosa maintains a regular audit schedule under the strictest standards of ship-land interface, such as the Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment (MTMSA), carried out by prestigious companies, following the criteria of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF).