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Truck Loading Facilities in
GNL Quintero (Chile)

From 2010 to 2015, GNL Quintero was the operator of the first terminal for receiving, unloading, storing and LNG regasification in all Latin America, and is currently the regasification plant that serves the most trucks in the world. The GNL Quintero terminal is located in the bay of the same name in the region of Valparaiso (Chile), and is the main source of natural gas supply for the entire central area of the country.

In addition, apart from the scope associated with the truck loading facility, FCC-Chile contracted the services of Montrel for the electrical and instrumentation part of the plant's increased capacity phase in 2015.

Truck loading
and expansion

Our scope in this project, which has two phases, began in 2010, when we implemented the first part of the cryogenic and automatic LNG truck loading facility, which consisted of two loading bays and the installation of the management and control system. In the second phase, which ran from 2013 to 2015, we expanded the truck loading facility (two more loading bays, for a total of four at present) and the engineering, electricity and instrumentation for a third vaporizer at the Quintero terminal.

Due to Montrel's extensive experience in the oil & gas sector, the commissioning of the expansion was a complete success. It was carried out without altering the facility's normal operation, so at no point was the truck supply to GNL Quintero customers affected.

Montrel's scope in the expansion consisted of basic and detailed engineering of the loading system, the supply of two piping skids with flow control valves. It also consisted of an expansion in the applications of the loading process management and control software, which enables the generation of administrative documentation.

In addition, the basic and detailed conceptual engineering for the electrical and instrumentation installations was also carried out, as well as the control system, interlocks and fire and gas detection to expand the plant's emission capacity. All this was associated with the installation of the third back-up combustion vaporizer (SCV), capable of vaporizing 5 million m3 of natural gas a day, and a truck loading yard with 4 truck loading bays, including the integration of two new high pressure LNG pumps, plus a special seawater pump.

During July 2013, GNL Quintero reached the milestone of 10,000 successfully loaded trucks thanks to the designed system. And thanks to the expansion of the loading facility in 2015, the truck loading capacity increased doubling its possibilities, currently with 4 loading bays. In 2018, the Chilean regasification terminal reached a new record with 50,000 loaded trucks since its implementation, the largest in the world.

Thanks to Montrel's work on the loading facility, GNL Quintero is the most important plant in Latin America in LNG truck loading and distribution. It ensures the supply of residential and commercial gas, which until now depended on backup plants and collecting natural gas from abroad via pipelines.