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Loading/Unloading Facility for Naturgy
Truck loading/unloading facility for products derived from the extraction of natural gas

EIn 2013, Montrel carried out an automatic truck loading/unloading project for the consortium between Unión Fenosa Gas Exploraxión y Producción, S. A., belonging to Naturgy, and SHESA , owners of the natural gas well in Viura (La Rioja) .

Detailed Engineering, Manufacturing,
Control and Management System

The deposit is located in the subsoil of the region. It is estimated that this deposit contains at least a proven volume of 3 billion m3 of natural gas, equivalent to five years of current consumption in La Rioja or 10% of the annual consumption of natural gas in Spain. The company responsible for building the plant was the Dutch company Frames.

Detailed Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, Control System and Project Management of Truck Loading/Unloading for Natural Gas Extraction Products.