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LNG Bunkering

Enagás is one of the leading international companies in the operation and maintenance of LNG infrastructures, also owns the regasification terminals in Barcelona, Cartagena and Huelva, some of the most important in Spain. These terminals were the first in Spain to adapt their facilities to provide bunkering services and supply liquefied natural gas to ships and barges.

LNG transfer

At Montrel, we have supplied and developed an LNG transfer system for filling small capacity ships and barges at Enagás plants in Barcelona, Cartagena and Huelva. Montrel has demonstrated its experience in LNG loading systems and its knowledge of these plants and how to work with such a complex fuel as LNG.

The supply process is similar to that of trucks but in a different medium. From the same facilities and using loading arms, the barges fill their tanks, and then go to the carriers to be supplied. These may be berthed at the dock or anchored in the port, so that the barge can attach to one of its sides, and so that the product can be supplied in complete safety..

In May 2018, the Spanish Government approved a Royal Decree with a series of measures to promote LNG bunkering in Spanish ports and the use of gas infrastructures, modifying the three previous decrees and facilitating the use of LNG plants by ports to supply fuel for shipping.

As this is a growing practice with a great future ahead of it, more and more quality technical solutions are being developed by Montrel to make it possible. The aim is for bunkering to develop with regasification terminals and ports in Spain so that the country becomes a benchmark in supplying LNG as fuel to large ships. This is a cheaper fuel and, above all, cleaner for the environment.