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Manufacturing of

Montrel is approved by the Official Laboratory J. M. Madariaga for the EC Type Examination Certificate LOM 04 ATEX9004 for electrical cabinets and protection equipment or systems.

Manufacture according to
ATEX standard

In compliance with the European Directive ATEX 2014/34 / EU of enormous national impact on its application, we have developed a complete and modern nitrogen test bench for individual overpressure tests internally in flameproof enclosures, in accordance with EN 60079 Standard to verify that the equipment is safe in explosive environments.

In other words, this test bench complements our accreditation as manufacturers of ATEX products according to EC Type Examination Certificate LOM 04 ATEX9004 , being one of the few testing laboratories of this type in Spain .

Housed in an isolated and secure enclosure in our manufacturing plant, our test bench features automatic operation . With capacity for simultaneous testing by two boxes of the EJB / EJW types with very precise pre-adjusted variable pressures -by means of new instrumentation- from 11.7 bar to 14.4 bar maintained for a constant minimum of 11 s for all boxes.
Since we started our research projects on this test bench, we have already produced important results and services , detecting certain materials supplied by category manufacturers; concept or resistance defects that in their analysis is contributing to increase safety in Spanish installations with explosion-proof protection (Ex d), as well as for the greater respect and strict compliance with the ATEX 2014 regulations / 34 / EU.