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protection and control cabinetsl

They serve to
proteger los equipos de las subestaciones

These equipments serve to protect substation equipment (transformers, reactors, among others) on High Voltage (HV) lines. Within the industrial electrical cabinets and panels manufactured by Montrel, 90% are Protection and Control (P&C) , and the client that most demands this equipment is Red Eléctrica de España (REE) , to which we have supplied over a hundred P&C cabinets in recent years thanks to the Framework Agreements that we have had with this important customer for decades. Red Eléctrica de España is the sole carrier and operator of the Spanish electricity system (TSO). Its mission is to operate the system in real time, guaranteeing the continuity of supply and the safe integration of renewable energies. In addition, it develops and maintains the high voltage electricity transmission network in a sustainable way.

We have also supplied this equipment in recent years to REE networks in Peru (Transmisora Eléctrica del Sur, Tesur) , supplies that exceed six million euros. Transmisora Electrica del Sur S.A. (Tesur) is a company controlled by the Spanish electricity company Red Eléctrica Corporación through its Peruvian subsidiary Red Eléctrica del Sur (Redesur). Tesur is dedicated to the transmission of electric power and the operation and maintenance of electricity transmission networks in Peru since its creation in 2010.