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Innovation in
industrial technology

At Montrel we are known for maintaining a constant commitment to the continuous improvement of our solutions and having a DNA with a high innovative component. In our endeavor to be a benchmark in each of the areas that make up our business model, we have an R&D&I division that has allowed us to implement a executive technique that is sufficiently developed in the different areas of operation, which makes it easier for us to obtain the highest returns. In combination with a solid capacity in electrical engineering and extensive experience, we complement our services with a careful selection of equipment and instruments to install, which must always come from manufacturers with the best guarantee , who also provide R&D&I.

Controls begin with the acquisition of all materials that are purchased under strict supply specifications in terms of: reliability, quality, certified tests and trials. The objective is to ensure that they comply with the established requirements in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 standard, total quality and business commitment. We have a range of specialized technological services, with complete user-oriented solutions and a high component of added value or profitability ; constitute a program for the provision of global solutions, which are based on our extensive experience and trajectory in the sector, the use of advanced technology and the strength of a specialized R & D & i division. In this way, we can maintain a reliable, long-lasting, competitive service , with a permanent commitment to total quality, personalized, dynamic and flexible service.

Know our
R + D + i developments

As an industrial engineering and services company, we apply our R&D line to all projects that are related in the following fields of work:

  • Electrical General and Electronics Industrial.
  • Hydrocarbon loading and unloading terminal .
  • Instrumentation and Control .
  • Common telecommunications infrastructures.
  • Fire fighting systems .
  • Private Security .