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Exolum opens the new expansion of its facility located at Albuixech

CLH has opened the new expansion of storage facility recently located at Albuixech. Thus, CLH has replaced its old storage installation in Valencia, which was in operation since 1991 and definitely dismantled in 2006.

Before starting the expansion of these works, which were contracted by CLH, ALBUIXECH’s facility had 16 tanks using for oil products storage, having as a total storage capacity of 121.000m3.

MONTREL Industrial Group, having over 46 years of experience working on Oil&Gas sector, has carried out full electrical and instrumentation works successfully related to mentioned project to expand its storage capacity.

This one, being one of the most modern in CLH, is connected to BP refinery in CASTELLON by the oil pipeline to one another. Additionally, it allows us to store an important part of national Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) and supplying different oil products, such as (gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and kerosene) to several petroleum companies which operate in ‘Comunidad Valenciana’.

For this purpose, truck loading facility has been implemented to be operating 24/7 service automatically. Apart from nonstop service, it is essential to mention that mentioned installation is able to fill more than 250 tank’s truck every day (100.000 a year approximately).

MONTREL has carried out all the work on-site completely, performing all adaptations, expansion (including hot-works), start-ups and commissioning of 10 loading stations in order to be incorporated into the system of the plant.

Presently, MONTREL Industrial Group is a Spanish market-leading of Process Control and Management Systems related to integrated terminal stations for oil products distribution, by implementing modern automatic systems, which only takes around 15 minutes, setting a new record time of this sort of systems around the world, to fill each tank whose capacity is nearly 30.000 litres. As a result, it represents a significant improvement in optimization terms and increasing operational safety level.

The investment made by CLH on ALBUIXECH facility is part of the proposed plan to their own infrastructure carried out in ‘Comunidad Valenciana’ in order to expand its storage capacity and oil products distribution in mentioned region on the east of Spain, in which MONTREL contributes towards wealth of industrial knowledge and expertise.

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