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Loading facilities in Gijón and Valencia for Galp

Galp loading facilities in Gijón and Valencia In 2013, Montrel implemented the SIMAC system for the automation and management of truck loading facilities at Galp’s light fuel loading terminals in Gijón and Valencia. Although in Gijón it represents an update of the previous version of SIMAC, in the terminal of Valencia we installed our version

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Loading/Unloading Facility for Naturgy

Loading/Unloading Facility for NaturgyTruck loading/unloading facility for products derived from the extraction of natural gas EIn 2013, Montrel carried out an automatic truck loading/unloading project for the consortium between Unión Fenosa Gas Exploraxión y Producción, S. A., belonging to Naturgy, and SHESA , owners of the natural gas well in Viura (La Rioja) . Detailed

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