Borja Viu, CEO of Montrel, was chosen to give a speech at the «New Generation of Leaders» meetings organised by Andalucía Económica.

Our CEO, Borja Viu, was chosen to give a talk at the «New Generation Leaders» meetings organised by Andalucía Económica, where Andalusian managers with a brilliant career (usually unusual for their age) explain both their professional career and the keys to managing successful business models.

On this occasion, Borja began with an overview of his professional career and, later, his landing in Montrel.

His initial analysis in the first stage of his arrival was: «When I arrived at Montrel, I found a company with great technical and economic solvency, no debts and very strong assets. The most important thing I had was intangible assets: the best and most loyal customers in the sector, such as REE, Endesa, Cepsa, Repsol, Exolum, Enagás and BP. And that is invaluable,» he said.

Borja defined the six main pillars he has been working on since he joined the company: international expansion, diversification, innovation, digitalisation, professionalisation and sustainable growth.

With regard to international expansion, he said: «60% of what we are budgeting is already outside Spain, and the trend is to gradually increase our international turnover. We currently have major international projects, mainly in Latin America, North Africa and Europe».

Regarding the current diversification strategy, he pointed out that since he took over the management of the group, Montrel has almost tripled its client portfolio in just three years, as well as establishing itself in new sectors such as hydrogen, electric mobility, renewables, the agri-food industry and, very soon, mining.

Another aspect of the company’s transformation that Borja commented on was the progressive incorporation of women into the workforce, accounting for 60% of new hires.

Borja emphasised the different geographic idiosyncrasies of each continent where Montrel is carrying out projects: «in Morocco and South America we are carrying out projects that we did in Spain 20 or 30 years ago, we have a lot to do there. We are optimistic about the future, we have a good working team that carries the banner of effort, attitude and humility,» said Borja.

Finally, Borja thanked Montrel’s brilliant human capital and the involvement and unconditional support of the partners.